Belated …

Merry christmas and a happy new year :)…

I know Im 17 days or so late but like the saying goes … Its better late than never :p hehehhe

I have been meaning to do a haul on things I got and what not but I haven’t any time … I had work almost every day thus on my day offs Ive been lazing around in bed watching tv shows and youtube.

Enough blabbering and on with the haul :).

Here are a few gifts from friends, sister and cousin.
Jess got me a cute pandora ring, jam gave me the 2faced makeup palette my sister gave me the skII skincare and my lovely dearest cousin gave me guerlain and burberry ♥
Here are a few makeup pieces I decided to buy for myself

Can never go wrong with mr ford 20140109-225456.jpg

This is the pretty burberry lipstick krungz gave me ….

I also bought my workmate a little gift … Chanel

Wnd heres what I got from my mother dear … Hehehe

I also got a few items from other family members but I’m a bit lazy to take pics hahaha … So yeah …

Till next time :) xo

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Be the best-dressed party girl this season

The holidays may be less chilly for the folks down under, but that doesn’t mean they can’t dress up for their Christmas parties! With only a few weeks left before those Christmas parties are in full swing, now’s the perfect time to update your wardrobes with the hottest trends of the season.
If you’ve been keeping up with the latest fashion news, you’ll know that this season is all about eye-popping brights, sheer panels, and throwbacks to the ‘90s. For party dresses, of course, sequins are not to be left behind. That old favourite is still everywhere this season, as Elle UK points out. Bodices and bodycon dresses are also in fashion, and updating your LBD with lace trimmings adds a sophisticated look to a tried-and-tested style.
Image credit: [Marks and Spencer
Sequined dresses are still all the rage. Image credit: Marks and Spencer
To accessorize, TV3 Ireland’s Celia Holman Lee reiterate’s the three top trends: faux fur, lace, and leather. Leather coats and jackets are all the rage, but a lighter lace-trimmed cardigan can compliment your looks quite nicely as well. Carry the trend down to your stockings and shoes, and you’ll be the envy of every girl at the party.

Laced shoes are a great alternative to plain pumps. Image credit: …love Maegan
According to the experts at Impact Magazine, your makeup for Christmas parties this year should be bold and sophisticated. In exchange of brighter colors, a deep burgundy lip is in fashion this season. The classic smoky eye is also a great match for the elegant dresses that will be gracing this year’s Christmas parties.

Neutral eyes and bold lips are a great look this season. Image credit: Top Dreamer


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From louis to prada …

Just got home from shopping with le sis and cousin …
I did a bit of damage to my wallet …. So consider this my early christmas gift for myself …

Oh and I do apologize for ze low quality pictures … I swear I took good ones but I accidentally deleted them and now I can’t be bothered taking the pics again :p

Meet my two new babies … Prada wallet with strap & Louis Vuitton speedy 25 …
My pretty Prada … Hrmmmms
I was honestly only going to buy the speedy but a stop over to prada plus peer pressure from le sis and cousin and voila … Hahaha

No regrets though … I am in deep love !!!

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The body shop …

During my break at work I went to The Body Shop looking for a moisturizer and instead of going home with just moisturizer, I came home with a body scrub and a sponge which cost me a total of $94.85aud.

Crazy much …

The scrub cost $49.95 which I wasn’t really planning on buying but the sales associate did a demo on my right hand and might I say I was very pleased with the results. My skin was feeling super soft and apparently exfoliating your skin before using a moisturizer is far more effective rather than just slathering moisture onto a un-exfoliated skin therefore I was sold.

I also couldn’t pass up the $16 sponge since she used it on me too, hahah so expensive just for a sponge :p


P.S the olive body butter smells heavenly ❤️


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My blogpost has been quite boring and repetitive the past few months.
It has been mostly pictures…

Therefore I am going to blog about things that I’ve purchased but this time I would like to share more than just pictures …. I would like to share my thoughts ha ha …

Let me start off by apologizing for future grammatical errors in my rant. It has been a while since I wrote a proper entry afterall.

Yesterday I was picked up from home by my sister and ever so wonderful friend jess, they had brunch at stratified whilst I was soundly asleep. We went to parramatta to do a bit of bonding, shopping and what friends usually do when they’re out.

We headed off to myer to look at appliances since I have been wanting a coffee machine for the longest time but sad to say I did not end up purchasing a coffee machine … Instead I went home with a few goodies from mac… And by mac I mean makeup mac

So heres what I got
I have ran out of my brush cleaner so I had to buy more…I also wanted to try the face and body foundation for summer since its very light and I for one do not enjoy wearing thick heavy foundations when its humid. I also decided to try out the skin refined zone for my pores and we all know how much I hate enlarged pores & Last but definitely not the least I got a new brow gel since my current one is on the verge of a drought … I choose the color beguille as opposed to my usual girl boy.

…. Dot doot dot I have nothing more to blog about hahaha ….

Au revoir .. xx

P.s I thought I’d share a few of my work … I have been practicing on family and friends


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Salvatore Ferragamo & Rebecca Minkoff

And because I love bags and shoes I decided to spoil myself :D


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Collective haul

A few purchases I made this month :)) …




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Salvatore Ferragamo


I needed a new pair of shoes for work since my current work shoes are way overdue so I decided to spoil my feet happy with a pair of Ferragamo vara low heel pumps. I wish I had gotten the patent leather but I am happy with these for now ;).


They kinda look like old lady shoes but trust, once you have them on they look amazingly chic and classy.


They will definitely need breaking into since the toe box is quite narrow. Ah I am so in love with them. Hopefully they get super comfy…

Before going home yesterday I bought a box of Laduree french macaroons…


Next up on my shoe wish list will be these babies …

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Gift with purchase at Estée Lauder / myer

20130909-234507.jpgHey everyone just wanted to share a promo Myer is currently having at our Estée Lauder counters. Also if you are a Myer one customer you get 10% off.

Simply spend $70 or more and receive this gift pack with deluxe samples. And yes its worth a try, I own the full size skincare and I am deeply in awe with it. Most especially the cleanser.

I bought the full size even skin tone illuminator during my break thus I received the gift bag. If your in Australia the small size cost $80 and the larger one is $115.

I only paid $87 for my large one since I have staff discount heheheh woo….


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Rest In Peace Jonna Joy

My cousin from my fathers side passed away yesterday at such a young age, 22.
It saddens me deeply because Ive always wanted to see her every time we go to the Philippines.
She is the eldest among my aunts children… I can only imagine what my aunt is going through … She started working overseas I think 3 years ago … And it’s heartbreaking for her to be so far away and to hear that her first born is now in heaven.

My deepest sympathy to her family,partner, daughter who is only a year old and most especially my aunt who not only lost her first born but her best friend.

Life is too short indeed, I hope to meet my gorgeous god daughter when I go to the Philippines.

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